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Hsu MF, Sriramoju MK, Lai CH, Chen YR, Huang JS, Ko TP, Huang KF, Hsu STD*
Folding analyses of Q9PR55. (A) AUC analysis in sedimentation velocity (SV) mode showed a single peak distribution of the sedimentation coefficient. The peak s value and the corresponding molecular mass (MM) in kDa are indicated. (B) SEC-MALS analysis showed a single elution peak ... Read more
Chen CC, Huang YR, Chan YT, Lin HY, Lin HJ, Hsiao CD, Ko TP, Lin TW, Lan YH, Lin HY, Chang HY* BMC Biology, 22, 136 (2024-06)

Liu CY, Cheng HP, Lin CP, Liao YT, Ko TP, Lin SJ, Lin SS, Wang HC* IUCrJ, 11(Pt 3), 384-394 (2024-05)

Li HY, Lin HY, Chang SK, Chiu YT, Hou CC, Ko TP, Huang KF, Niu DM*, Cheng WC* JACS Au, 4(3), 908–918 (2024-03)

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